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JEWISHcolorado and CAJE merge

L-r: Doug Seserman, Phyllis Adler, Tiffany Glucksman Appel

L-r: Doug Seserman, Phyllis Adler, Tiffany Glucksman Appel

JEWISHcolorado (Jco) and CAJE have announced that the boards of both organizations unanimously voted to move forward with a formal merger.

The two organizations, which have been working together as strategic partners for the past two years, will become a single entity.

A detailed merger plan will be implemented during the remainder of 2016. Some operations will be combined immediately, while others will roll out over the course of the next several months.

The legal merger is expected to be completed by the end of December, 2016. It is designed to create efficiencies for both organizations and for the community, and is expected to reap approximately $175,000 in annual savings.

These savings will be realized as the two organizations share back-office services, such as bookkeeping and HR, and as shared programming becomes more streamlined and accessible to more people.

CAJE, which will retain its name and brand, will become the educational and programmatic division of Jco.

Phyllis Adler, executive director of CAJE, will be expanding her role to include the oversight of most of the Jco programming as well.

Adler, along with the rest of the CAJE staff, are enthusiastic about the opportunities the merger will create as they transition into similar or expanded roles within Jco. This will also create opportunities for job growth, professional development and increased cross-departmental knowledge.

Donors and grantors who would like to give directly to CAJE may continue to do so because gifts can be earmarked for CAJE or a CAJE program.

Historical CAJE programs, such as IST and Jewish Explorers, will continue, with full support from Jco and the community at-large.

“Jco and CAJE have been working together very successfully for the past two years,” says Doug Seserman, president and CEO of Jco.

“This next step is a natural evolution of our partnership and will help our organizations maximize efficiencies while expanding our programming at the same time — all of which will benefit our Jewish community immensely.”

“CAJE is a critical element of Jco’s mission to engage the next generation in being Jewish,” adds Tiffany Glucksman Appel, CAJE board chair.

“As Jco’s educational and programmatic division, we will work closely together to grow the Jco suite of programs, and make sure that PJ Library, IST, the Young Adult Dept., Jewish Explorers and so many others are accessible to wider audiences across Colorado.”

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