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Jco raises over $5 million for Israel

DENVER — JEWISHcolorado’s Israel Emergency Fund has raised over $5 million, said Jco President & CEO Renée Rockford.

As of Monday, Oct. 23, the total sum was $5,043,077.07, which Jco says exceeds its “fair share” request from Jewish Federations of North America.

Jco’s contribution is included in the total raised by JFNA.

Fundraising efforts began almost immediately on Oct. 7, as Jco Board Chair Ben Lusher was taking shelter in Tel Aviv as Hamas rockets rained down.

Together with his parents, Barry and Gay Curtiss-Lusher, and his wife, Nicole, they pledged a $20,000 dollar-for-dollar match.

That quickly inspired others in the community to pledge their own dollar-for-dollar matches.

As of Friday, Oct. 20, JFNA had already allocated more than $70 million of the $388 it had raised.

Included in those allocations were funds raised in Colorado.

Jco also said it has sent initial distributions to Colorado Jewry’s sister communities of Ramat HaNegev and Nitzana.

The mayor of Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, Ofir Libstein, was killed on Oct. 7 in a firefight with Hamas terrorists.

In data published Oct. 23 by JFNA, allocations are divided into the following categories:

• evacuation, housing, respite and support for frontline communities;

• fund for victims of terror;

• basic needs;

• special populations;

• trauma relief and psychosocial support;

• emergency medicine and healthcare;

• emergency operational support; and

• volunteers.

The United Jewish Federation of Utah is also running an emergency campaign — the Utah Stands with Israel Fund — in partnership with JFNA.

All donations to these emergency funds are passed on 100% to Israel. Nothing is deducted for expenses.

“In this unprecedented time, the generosity of the Jewish community has truly been inspiring,” said Rockford, “but we also know that the critical need will continue.

“We hope that our community will consider continued support for Israel, and support for the work of JEWISHcolorado.”

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