Tuesday, July 7, 2020 -
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‘It’s not just Israel’s problem’ is not just a line

Going back many years, Israeli ambassadors and other leaders have said of Iran, “It’s not just Israel’s problem. It’s the world’s problem.”

This has often been taken as special-pleading — an attempt by Israel to get others to take care of her own problems. Israel was arguing that if Iran produces a nuclear weapon, world peace will be at risk, not just Israel’s survival. Other countries were arguing that Israel was simply trying to get others to do her dirty work.

The events last week in Mumbai, India, give lie to the claim that Israel’s concern over Iran is self-centered. In Mumbai, Islamic terrorists targeted Israelis, yes, and also targeted Westerners. In fact, from news reports, the targeting of Westerners was not known through an inductive, post-facto analysis of who was killed. The terrorists reportedly asked to see people’s passports. They wanted to kill Westerners so much that they did not rely on dress or other visual, identifying characteristics — they needed written proof. Their fanaticism went that far.

All this is proof that when wanton killers (and would be killers) spew their hatred of Israel, it really is more than Israel’s problem. Israel’s plea to other countries to accept the Iranian danger as also directed at them is not just a line. This was verified last week in a brutal, murderous, explicit, blatant and salient manner — when Israelis and Westerners were targeted together. Reverse it, if you want: It was Westerners and Israelis who were targeted together. It makes no difference. The end result is the same. The interwoven fate of Israel and the West is the same.

And the mutual responsibility to stop this madness is the same.

The logic, here, is readily grasped. If Israel stands for political pluralism and the dignity of all people, and if Western democracies stand for the same, then Iran’s threat to the one is also a threat to the other. Iran threatens any holder of these values.

It is too late to save the victims in Mumbai. It is not too late to stave off the immeasurably greater tragedy that could result if Iran does get its hands on nuclear weapons.

Politically and morally, Israel is the canary in the mine. Israel, for whatever reason, has become a symbol of the West — the first to get the full brutishness of the genocidal threats made by the radical Islamic terrorists.

When Iran’s leaders threaten to wipe Israel off the map, they mean that they have no qualms about using nuclear weapons — but more, that since they will use weapons of mass destruction against one country, they will use them equally against any other country whose values they detest. Further, Iran’s leaders mean that they are indifferent to the massive collateral destruction that a nuclear weapon against Israel would would bring (even without taking into consideration the effects of a commensurate Israeli response).

The events in Mumbai show that when terrorists, such as the leaders of Iran, say they want to target Israelis, they also want to target others. Canary watchers, awake!

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