Tuesday, July 7, 2020 -
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Inauguration day

Today has finally arrived. The culmination of so much, and, concomitantly, the final death knell in a coffin that’s been sealed long ago.

Over the past week, the media’s been full of stories on Bush’s legacy. These opinions pieces have typically varied between outright condemnation coupled with relief and those desperately attempting to salvage something good from the past eight years. Usually it’s the fact that no terrorist attacks have taken place on US soil since 9/11. For those more generous, aid to Africa may be cited.

Today, however, there is a decided turn. The coverage is off Bush and onto our new president – from predictions of Obama’s inaugural speech to a euphoric heralding of a new era.

Despite the bleak economic situation, the excitement is palpable. A new leader, accompanied by a new(ish) crew. Change is finally coming.

No doubt about it, Obama et. al. will have an extremely difficult time ahead.

But just for a moment, just for this one day, it’s feels nice inhaling a fresh breath of air.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration day

  1. Patriotic

    Thank You President Bush for protecting our country. Bye Bye America. Good luck with becoming a socialist country. With Obama as president, the change you can expect is the change in your pocket.


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