Tuesday, February 7, 2023 -
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Herzl-RMHA art fair: youthful expressions

Herzl-RMHA recently hosted its inaugural student art show featuring creations by students in grades kindergarten through eight.

The art show was held in the school’s Strear family gymnasium, and the pieces covered all the walls of the gym, a center divider and 10 tables.

Approximately 200 people attended, including students, families and faculty.

“The art in the show was really beautiful,” said Marcie Calm, Herzl-RMHA head of lower school.

“Incorporating art into both the general and Judaic studies programs has long been a priority at Herzl-RMHA.

“The art show is one extension of our ‘specials,’ which gives our students a unique creative outlet.”

“The student art show was a huge success, due in large part to our wonderful art teachers Joyce Berman and Roselyn Kark,” said Jennifer Dechtman.

She is a Herzl-RMHA parent who led the art show committee.

The team of parent volunteers coordinating the show included Jodi Asarch, Marla Brown, Stacey Chapman, Tracey Douglas, Allison Foster, Mali Fried, Dana Friedman, Monica Freedberg, Patti Halfon, Rana Kark, Cheryl Kutzer, Cindy Noam, Mimi Pomeranz, Wendy Pomeranz, Amy Schinagel, Leslie Sidell, Sherrie Sommers and Susan Stein.

The school plans to offer the Herzl-RMHA art show on an annual basis.

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