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From the archives…July 25, 1958

“RAF planes flying overhead in attempt to ward off Egyptian expansionism” — but the year isn’t 1956, the year of the Suez War, but 1958. The Jordan Crisis of 1958 doesn’t even merit a Wikipedia entry. A google search brings up only academic journal articles, but the crisis was real, and it was reported in the pages of the Intermountain Jewish News, 64 years ago, on July 25, 1958.

“While British transport planed roared overhead with Israel’s permission on the Cyprus-Amman run to save Jordan from toppling into Nasser’s expanding Egypt-Syria-Iraq empire, this tough little Jewish republic remained outwardly calm but inwardly seethed with all sorts of emotions and differing ideas about repercussions of the Anglo-American military intervention on Israel’s eastern and northern borders.”

This crisis isn’t just confined to one news article. It’s all over the newspaper, including “Press Concerned With Israel.” Apparently the Liverpool Daily Post expressed concern that “Nasser may exploit the present situation to launch an attack on Israel.”

An attack on Israel by Nasser did come — but not until 1967 in the Six Day War which ultimately spelled Nasser’s demise.

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