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For your viewing pleasure: Jewish Golden Globe nominees

Rachel Brosnahan as Mrs Maisel (Amazon Studios)

Rachel Brosnahan as Mrs Maisel (Amazon Studios)

There’s something about this time of year and movies. Maybe it’s the cold nights, maybe it’s the days off. But the Jewish tradition of going to the movies on Christmas is strong, and this year, we have a theme for your watching pleasure: The Jewish (or Jewish related) nominees of the Golden Globes.

The upcoming awards ceremony is scheduled for January 6 and, unlike the Oscars, awards television along with film, so for those looking for a TV series to sustain them over the upcoming winter break, there are options for you, too. Our list, based on JTA reporting, focuses on actors and directors, rather than film composers.


Adam Driver (best supporting actor), “BlacKkKlansman,” plays a Jewish cop who teams up with an African-American officer to infiltrate a Ku Klux Klan branch in the Spike Lee film, which was also nominated for best motion picture. The film plays in Colorado Springs, so of extra interest to local viewers.

Rachel Weisz, “The Favorite”: The Jewish actor (best supporting actress) plays a friend of England’s Queen Anne in the 18th-century costume dramedy.

Timothee Chalamet, “Beautiful Boy”: The Jewish actor (best supporting actor) plays the son in a father-and-son story about crystal meth addiction.

Television Series:

Netflix series “The Kominsky Method” (best comedy/musical series), produced by Chuck Lorre, stars Michael Douglas as an acting instructor.

Amazon series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” hit the Jewish-related awards trifecta. The series stars Rachel Brosnahan (best actress) playing a New York Jewish woman who discovers a hidden talent for stand-up comedy. Alex Borstein is nominated as best supporting actress for her role as sidekick Susie Myerson. Finally, the series itself is nominated for best comedy/musical series.

Alison Brie, “Glow,” is nominated for best actress for the Netflix series about a 1980s women’s wrestling syndicate.

Debra Messing, “Will & Grace,” is also nominated for best actress for her turn in the reboot of the popular late ’90s/early ’00s series.

Sacha Baron Cohen, “Who Is America” was nominated for best actor in his satirical  him a nomination for best musical or comedy television actor.

Henry Winkler, “Barry,” is nominated for best supporting actor in his political satire series.



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