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For them it is vacation . . .

How lucky are we Coloradans that we get to experience the Rockies as our natural habitat? How lucky are we Coloradans that we wake up and fall asleep to the glorious spiritual and cathartic topography of those majestic, strong and tall mountains?

I love the turquoise waters of the sea, too. But you have to go to the water to experience it. With the mountains, they surround you. They are always strong, and always there.

One of the things that I love about even being in the city, in Denver, is how every now and then as I randomly drive along I make a right or left turn and suddenly there is a rise in the road — and the mountains, in all their striking beauty, suddenly come into sharp relief, spreading out before me. In that moment that the mountains become visible on the horizon, oh, but what a surge of inspiration. Those Rockies feed my spirit and my soul.

Whenever out of town friends or guests come in for a visit, they are overwhelmed by the beauty, spirituality and serenity of the Rockies, I have to say, the Coloradan in me comes out in full force and I am so proud to call this place home. I haven’t yet burst out in full lung rendition singing “Climb Every Mountain,” but I am bursting with pride and I’m afraid I have come close to being in danger of that rendition!

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Tehilla R. Goldberg

IJN columnist | View from Central Park

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