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A taste of Druze culture

The Druze town of Daliat el-Carmel (also spelled Daliyat al-Carmel) is what its deputy mayor, Nisim Abu Hamad, calls “a mixture of modernity based on our Druze culture...

In Israel, Circassians preserve their culture

Hani Madaji says he dreams in Circassian, prays in Arabic, learns in Hebrew and travels in English. Madaji, 50, is a Circassian.

Meet the world’s oldest practicing physician

The day after his 100th birthday on July 10, Dr. Howard Tucker headed downtown to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Cleveland Guardians baseball game.

After a 30-year search-and-ransom saga, Jewish Ethiopian family retrieved ancient book

When they flew out of this country for Israel three decades ago, Askabo Meshiha’s family left something valuable behind — a centuries-old book of psalms written in...

Forty-five years on, Vietnamese refugees are still writing their Israeli story

From 1977 to 1979, Begin permitted entry to around 360 of the so-called Vietnamese “boat people,” in the aftermath of the Communist takeover of the Southeast Asian...

Enes Kanter Freedom brings Holocaust education to Muslim school

At the Brooklyn Amity School, a majority-Muslim private school in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, high school students are taking part in a new Holocaust education initiative...

Jewish ‘subculture’ enhances teenage girls’ lives

In her new book, G-d, Grades, and Graduation: Religion’s Surprising Impact on Academic Success, sociologist Ilana Horwitz examines the ways a religious upbringing...

Shauvuot celebrations at Kibbutz Emek Yizrael

Eight fun facts about Shavuot in Israel

It’s time to get ready for what many consider to be the best holiday on the Jewish calendar: Shavuot.

When Torah meets caffeine

People from the Denver Jewish community share their experiences of staying up all night for Shavuot learning.

Manhattan’s private rabbi-for-hire

Rabbi Rebecca Keren Eisenstadt lives in a one-bedroom apartment on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side, but she feels just as at home in the penthouses just a few...