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Election Day Prayer

The fruits of the US election two months ago, and Israel’s election this week, gave us a double dose of politics.

With the entertainment of political theater comes the idealism and hope for a better future; and, unfortunately, the less noble side, the pettiness and mudslinging that seems to come with the territory. It’s been one interesting election season, all right!

In Israel, voting day is like a holiday, like an American Sunday, except that it comes only once every few years. A late breakfast, eating out or an actual outing, and a little shopping, are all part of the relaxing atmosphere of the day.

Then, the day after, everyone seems to have a bit of a voting day hangover, since they are so unaccustomed to a random day off, minus the wonderful pressure, albeit pressure, of preparing for Shabbat or a Jewish holiday. Plus, the day after, once the Israeli electorate has spoken, everyone remains busy processing and analyzing the con- sequences of the previous night’s results, given the complex, multiparty government system.

How should Bibi build his cabinet? Will the government lean more to the right or the left? What about the religious representation in government? What was this election’s surprise? Based on results, what was the driving factor in the voting? Israel’s security situation? The economy?

Then there is the list of Israeli political parties, which is hilarious. Even before I came across a humorous “Election Day Prayer” I was smiling at the various parties names. In Israel, from time to time you have those quirky ones —“Biblical Prophet.” It is Israel after all. What would it be without these only-in-Israel types?

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Tehilla R. Goldberg

IJN columnist | View from Central Park

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