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Election ’16 shmoos

Election_2016Tidbits and observations from the presidential campaigns

Conservative pundits have made the interesting observation that it took a Donald Trump to make Democrats more openly patriotic.

Flag waving, G-d bless Americas and myriad invocations of America as the greatest country in the world were dime a dozen at the DNC. Even Michelle Obama, who in 2008 during her husband’s first run (in)famously proclaimed it was “the first time in her adult life” she was proud to be American. Fast forward to her DNC speech: “This, right now, is the greatest country on earth.” Quite a turnaround. The effusiveness was almost superlative, but that’s the nature of rah-rah (on big display at both conventions).

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Hillary Clinton’s shout out to Colorado tie makers in her acceptance speech was the real deal. The Democratic nominee visited Knotty Tie Co. during her visit to our great state this week. The question now is: Who hooked her up with Knotty Tie?

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Speaking of Clinton in Colorado, after initially indicating that she wasn’t too concerned about Colorado, the former first lady, along with her political foe Trump, both clearly have Colorado in their sights. Trump was in Colorado Springs and Denver last Friday, Clinton earlier this week. It seems neither side is taking the state for granted — or seeing it as a lost cause.

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We’re starting to see why Trump picked Mike Pence as his running mate. Whenever Trump drops his foot in it, Pence is there to present the calm, rational side — and also to debunk Trump. For example, Pence assuring reporters that the US will stand by its NATO allies. Or that Captain Khan’s family should be honored for their sacrifice. Or that name calling is not fit for politics. When it comes to personalities, these two couldn’t be more different. Why Trump needs Pence is clear. What’s in it for Pence? Less so. The pair are so mismatched that it might prove confusing to potential Trump/Pence supporters.


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