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Downtown sukkah in Plaza Courtyard

For the first time, a community sukkah will be built in downtown Denver at 17th and California streets at the Plaza Courtyard.

The sukkah will be open Thursday, Oct. 16, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. with refreshments provided.David FosterRabbi Yossi Serebryanski

The community sukkah is a project of Chabad of South Denver.

According to David Foster of Foster, Graham, Milstein, Miller and Calisher, “The sukkah is being built to share the spirit of Sukkot with the downtown business community.”

“Eating together in a temporary hut signifies our trust in G-d and his constant protection over us. Jews also take four kinds of live vegetation — a citron, palm, willows and myrtle — and bless and  shake them together on each of the eight days. Taking the four kinds together is reminiscent of bringing all types of Jews together as equals,” said Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski.

“This multiple message of faith, protection and unity is particularly relevant now when the entire world is threatened and our connection to G-d and to each other is the only anchor to keep us afloat in a confusing world.”

Information: Debbie Leebove, (303) 333-9810, or visit www.fos? and click on “Sukkah in the City.”

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