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‘Don’t travel for Passover’

Local infectious disease specialist Dr. Daniel Mogyoros stated to the Intermountain Jewish News the importance of staying put. “If at all possible, do not have family members come into Colorado for Passover. The Jewish communities on the East Coast are getting hammered by coronavirus. We don’t want to import this into our community.

“I expect a sharp increase in cases in Denver this week. I have seen several patients in their 30s end up on the ventilator in the last few days,” warned Mogyoros, who works at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver.

On Monday, March 23, a consortium of representatives of the Orthodox Jewish community in New York released a statement stating that travel for Passover to other cities must be cancelled, whether to vacation venues or to family.

“Everyone must plan to celebrate Pesach where they are currently,” read the statement, which included many advisories including shopping only for essential items ahead of the holiday.

Shana Goldberg

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