Sunday, April 14, 2024 -
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Dear OUP: Don’t censor in my name

Our lead editorial today argues that freedom of expression is not a universal value, but is hard-fought and hard-won. If we don’t defend this freedom it will disappear.

Case in point.

BBC Radio 4’s flagship news program, Today, revealed that the venerable Oxford University Press has advised that it will not publish material with reference to pigs or pork so as not to offend Muslims and Jews (story: Daily Telegraph).

It’s Orwellian. (The metaphor, but also, Animal Farm would be out.)

Let’s let OUP know that we’re not offended by the references to pigs, but are offended by their imposed censorship.

We started today with the following tweet.

If you agree with us, tweet your own message to OUP and share with your friends and followers.

Maybe OUP will hear the voices of those who embrace freedom of expression.

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