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Dog knows what’s good

Dear Tzviling,

I’m so mad at my husband, I can’t sleep at night. I spent over two hours on Friday preparing a delicious potato kugel and asked my husband to put it away when it cools down. Did he listen? No, of course not. He left it out and our dog ate it. How would you handle it?

Kaila Kugel

Dear Kaila,

Buy yourself another dog.

Seriously, it was a human error, so don’t be mad at your husband (or your dog).

Apply the gastronomical adage: One good kugel deserves another.

Here’s something to chew on: In preparing the Shabbat table, we cover the challah, so as not to slight the challah.

You see, during the weekdays, when we wish to eat bread and drink wine, we first bite into the bread (after making the appropriate blessing), and then we drink the wine.

On Shabbat, we first reach for the wine (by making kiddush), and ‘relegate’ the challah to second place. So out of sensitivity to the challah, we cover it so as not to “embarrass” it.

If we display such feelings to food, how much more so to human beings!

Even our spouse.

Now, get a good night’s sleep.

Dear Tzviling,

I don’t know what to do. I had a business dealing with “Marty” who didn’t pay me as promised. I sent Marty a few reminders without success. He finally sends me a check as payment in full with the following note: “I hope you end up in the hospital.” I’m sick with worry.

Daryl in Denver

Dear Daryl,

You are correct in not dismissing lightly Marty’s unbecoming words. You see, words do have power. Creative power. G-d created the world with “speech.” We, too, “create” things through our words. That is why we should always speak words of kindness, love and positivity. They create much good in the world.

However, this does not mean that you should be stricken with worry.

Fret not.

Here is what you do:

Go out and buy some get well cards, flowers and perhaps some chocolate.

Take a few hours to visit patients at your local hospital.

Say hello. Wish them well. Make them smile.

And yes, his words will have become true. You did “end up” in the hospital.

Simple, no?

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