Wednesday, May 22, 2024 -
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Dog biscuit for the Jews

Pardon our cynicism, but when Sarah Palin said in the vice presidential debate that a McCain administration would relocate the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we neither swooned nor leapt to break the world pole vault record in ecstatic joy.

We grant Palin her sincerity. But we could, equally and retrospectively, grant George Bush his sincerity, Robert Dole his sincerity, Bill Clinton his sincerity, George H. W. Bush his sincerity . . . you get the idea. Lots of talk, from both Republican and Democratic candidates and presidents. Each of the above winked or nodded or promised or hinted that a move of the American embassy to Jerusalem was right, or even forthcoming. But it never happened.

The reason was always the same: the “peace process” (that unique flowering second only to Scripture for eternity). We wonder, do these candidates stop by PetSmart on the way to these speeches — to pick up a bone for the Jews? If McCain wins, well, as they proverbially say, don’t hold your breath on the Embassy-in-Jerusalem promise.

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