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Take the Disney challenge

What follows may be neither Jewish nor topical, but it is a fun diversion — and one can never have too many of those.

Who knew Disney was so diverse?

One of the people I most enjoy following on Twitter is Simon Kuestenmacher, a map aficionado. Today he tweeted:

As both a map and Disney aficionado, this was right up my alley. Like Kuestenmacher I too was captivated. Perhaps not surprising, London and Central Europe are Disney’s two most popular locales. The latter makes sense considering Disney’s penchant for adapting Germanic fairy tales. And London, or southeast England, is home to so many wonderful characters from Pongo (101 Dalmatians) to Winnie the Pooh to Alice. Who can forget those dim, Victorian street scenes from Mary Poppins or Peter Pan (both of which includes scenes of the main characters flying over the city’s streets)? But as Disney’s oeuvre expanded, so did the destinations: West Africa, Louisiana, California, East Asia.

Here’s a challenge: Can you name each film pictured and its locale? Post your answers below!

And challenge Part 2: Which films/locales are missing? Hint: I’ve already mentioned one of the film’s above.

If you’re a Disney buff like me and really want to get deep into the topic, I highly recommend Mari Ness’ Disney Read-Watch on Tor.com. But be forewarned: It’s going to keep you busy!

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