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Denver Jewish Film Festival: Our picks

As cinephiles, we are very excited about this year’s line-up at the Denver Jewish Film Festival, which is opening unofficially this Saturday, with “Foxtrot” at the Alamo Drafthouse on West Colfax, and officially on Wednesday with “Bye Bye Germany” at the Elaine Wolf Theater.

The line-up, as evidenced by these two films, is a heady combination of cutting-edge Israeli film and movies exploring the Jewish past — most notably the Holocaust. Rounding it out are a few shorts and several documentary biographies, including an investigation into the life of rat pack member Sammy Davis, Jr.

We don’t think you can go wrong with any of the movies, but here’s our shortlist from this year’s festival. (The film festival’s complete schedule is available on the IJN’s Events Calendar.)

  • 1945”: We have been wanting to see this award-winning film about two Jews returning to their Hungarian village after WW II since we ran a review of it back in October. This will probably be a difficult watch, but it explores a time period rarely investigated.
  • Shalom Bollywood”: Denver Jews seems to be going crazy for Indian culture at the moment, so what better movie to watch than one which documents the impact of Jews on the world’s largest film industry?
  • Monkey Business”: We’ve been wanting to watch this film since we first reported it in Snapshot (Aug. 18, 2017). Unfortunately we missed it when it screened up at Chautauqua back in December, so this is our chance. Who isn’t curious about the amazing escape of the creators of beloved monkey, Curious George?
  • The Body Collector”: As journalists, this one immediately captured our attention. It’s about an editor at a Dutch magazine who ends up hunting down a major war criminal. There’s an art angle, which should make this different from other war criminal stories.

Let us know which movies you’re planning on seeing!

One thought on “Denver Jewish Film Festival: Our picks

  1. Gail Zwiebel

    I love your paper and have relied on it since moving to Denver in 1987. I don’t always agree with everything I read but that’s the point of journalism: to report the real news and get you to think about differing outlooks on current and past events. I am currently disturbed at the news that yet another Republican fascist is running for office in our country. Arthur Jones, running unopposed in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District is a Holocaust denier, a racist and a white supremacist. To date, I have seen nothing in the news about President Trump or the Rebublican Party denouncing him or his hateful, antiquated views. I would love to see the IJN put an article about this on it’s front page and I would also like the paper to print a response from some of Colorado’s elected Republican officials, i.e. Corey Gardner. It is more than time to hold all Republicans, and the
    people who voted them into power, accountable for the ugliness dividing our country. Thank-you in advance for considering my suggestion.


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