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‘Denver: Birthplace of Ideas’ exhibit opens Aug. 17

The Intermountain Jewish News® and the Golda Meir House Museum are commemorating the IJN’s 110th anniversary with an exhibit at the museum, “Denver, Colorado: Birthplace of Ideas as Presented in the Pages of the IJN.”

The exhibit will highlight eight individuals from Denver whose ideas and accomplishments have changed the world in some way, starting with Golda Meir, the museum’s namesake and one-time resident of the building in which the museum is housed.

For each person featured, the exhibit will include a brief biography and a description of his or her contribution to the world, a photograph, and a replica of coverage of that individual from the archives of the Intermountain Jewish News.

In addition to Golda Meir, the featured dreamers and doers include:

  • Norman Brownstein
  • Ruth Handler
  • Lillian Hoffman
  • Rabbi Raphael Leban
  • Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone
  • Frances Wisebart Jacobs
  • Larry Mizel

The exhibit will also shine a spotlight on the history of the Intermountain Jewish News, with tributes to the men and women who have served as editors and publishers of the newspaper, most notably Max and Miriam Goldberg, who led the newspaper, 1943 to 2017.

Included will be artifacts pertaining to the IJN’s history.

On July 3, the IJN published a large-size commemorative magazine marking its 110 years of continuous publishing.

“Looking back is a way of looking forward,” says Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, IJN editor and publisher. “The 110th anniversary of the IJN and the exhibit at the Golda Meir House Museum do both.”

Lena Fishman, Golda Meir House Museum executive director, says, “I am thrilled that the Golda Meir House Museum has the opportunity to collaborate with the Intermountain Jewish News and preserve important stories in Colorado history.”

The exhibit will open Thursday, Aug. 17, and also will be available for viewing by appointment with Lena Fishman, [email protected], Monday-Thursday, 1-2 p.m., through the end of the year.

The Golda Meir House Museum is at 1146 9th St., on the Auraria Higher Education Campus.

Information: Larry Hankin, [email protected].

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