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Danyel Joffe

Danyel Joffe

Danyel Joffe

Danyel S.  Joffe, a public service lawyer who championed the rights of the underserved, passed away suddenly on July 29, 2018, in Denver. Rabbi Howard Hoffman officiated at the Aug. 3 service at Feldman Chapel. Interment followed at Golden Hill Cemetery. Feldman Mortuary made the arrangements.

Ms. Joffe began her legal career in Denver representing children who had been sexually abused. She also fought against the harshness and frequent unfairness of the American prison system, especially toward people of color.

The first attorney in Colorado to successfully overturn the sentence of an innocent man convicted of rape and murder, Ms. Joffe was named Lawyer of the Year by Law Week Colorado and honored by the Denver Post in 2012.

Post writer Nancy Lofholm wrote that Ms. Joffe chose law over radio broadcasting “because of an aunt who worked as an attorney in Raleigh, NC, who became her role model.

“The late Debra Greenblatt represented the disabled and mentally ill,” Lofholm wrote. “The disenfranchised became her niece’s focus as well.”

Ms. Joffe was born Aug. 5, 1959, in Kansas City, Mo. to Syma Joffe (Lloyd) Girard and the late Robert Joffe.

At age 12, she founded the radio station KLTZ (“Missing U Klutz”) on her living room table.

Ms. Joffe managed to struggle through dyslexia and autism, which was undiagnosed at the time, to become a brilliant attorney.

She had a passion for travel, comedy, cats, old-time radio shows, sci-fi, theater, and most importantly the Denver Broncos.

Danyel Joffe is survived by her mother Syma Joffe (Lloyd) Girard; sisters Dr. Lynn Joffe and Andrea Joffe; and nieces Carlie Anderson and Sara Anderson.

Contributions may be made to the Cat Care Society, 5787 6th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80214, or the Autism Research Foundation,

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