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Colorado’s own disaster

It used to be that Colorado was fortunate to be out of the usual path of the natural disasters that plague other parts of country — hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and even crippling blizzards.

No longer.

Colorado now deals with an annual rash of wildfires, the effects of which are every bit as disastrous as those other phenomena. People who choose to take full advantage of Colorado’s beauty by living in the foothills or the mountains also take the risk of losing their homes, their posessions, even their lives when seasonal wildfires encroach. For city dwellers, the polluted air is annoying; for these mountain dwellers it is downright life threatening.

Our hearts go out the victims and firefighters of the High Park fire. We pray for its containment and end.

Gov. Hickenlooper has enacted a ban on private fireworks this July 4 due to the dry and windy conditions this summer. Fireworks are fun, but this year we have a responsibility to view professional fireworks, nothing more.

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