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Colorado Springs teens love their BBYO chapter

TOP ROW: Sarah Johnson, Annabelle Farris, Emma Williamson, Jenny Rubin, Anna Goldstein, Nicole Unger, Emi Pavlovic, Evan Schafer. BOTTOM ROW: Matt Applesmith (BBYO staff member), Austin Land, Rachel Mullin, Robbie Metz“WE CREATED ‘Bottles of Smiles’ for kids in the hospital by decorating jars and filling them with colorful stickers, crayons and coloring booklets. Then we put positive notes in the jars to cheer up their day,” said Jenny Rubin, 15.

Jenny’s participation in the Bottles of Smiles project was part of a BBYO initiative that began in Texas and drew the attention of the BBYO teenagers in Colorado Springs.

Nicole Unger, 15, is the president of Colorado Springs BBYO chapter 5179. This chapter includes teenage boys and girls rather than two separate chapters, the practice in larger cities.

Nicole is a sophomore at Palmer Ridge High School in Monument and has a sister, Natalie, who is in eighth grade.

“I love being part of BBYO because it’s a great opportunity to work with other Jewish kids in our community and contribute to projects that make a difference,” said Unger.

“BBYO provides an avenue for Jewish teenagers to meet other Jewish teens, particularly in a relatively small Jewish community.”

In April, the BBYO chapter girls gathered at Unger’s home to decorate a mannequin representing the traits and characteristics of powerful Jewish women.

The mannequin will be part of an art-related fundraising event in Denver at which attendees vote on the mannequins created by the teenagers.

Several girls from BBYO Chapter 201 in Denver traveled to Unger’s home to participate in this event.

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