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Cinnaholic: Sweet kosher addition

Cinnaholic's tempting treats.

Cinnaholic’s tempting treats.

Cinnaholic, a cinnamon roll store in Cherry Creek Shopping Center, is now certified kosher by Scroll K.

According to the letter of kosher certification issued by Scroll K Kashrus Supervisor Rabbi Mordechai Z. Rotstein, all the cinnamon buns and coffee are produced on kosher dairy equipment. All products in the store are pareve, as everything is 100% vegan.

Only Cinnaholic’s Cherry Creek store is kosher.

Another Cinnaholic location at Northfield, which is vegan, is not under kosher supervision.

The local franchisees of Cinnaholic, Kyle Fabra and Jim Hall,  decided to make the Cherry Creek store kosher in response to the Jewish community. People noticed that the store was vegan, and it was suggested that it would not be difficult to go kosher as well.

“We had to make very few modifcations to go kosher,” says general manager Jose Ramos. “And the Jewish community has really embraced it.”

Kosher patrons have made Cinnaholic a destination at Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

They have appreciated the availability of kosher pareve cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies and coffee drinks which they can carry out or enjoy at tables in the store, any time of the day.

Cinnaholic also offers catering for kosher breakfasts and brunches, and snacks for meetings.

Catering orders may be picked up or delivered and set up.

Cinnaholic features cinnamon rolls with a variety of frostings and toppings.

Frostings include almond, amaretto, banana cream, butterscotch, cake batter, caramel, chai, chocolate, coffee, cream cheese, hazelnut, lemon, macadamia nut, orange, peanut butter, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla.

Toppings may be added: almonds, apples, bananas, blueberries, brownie bites, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, coconut, cookie dough, ginger snaps, graham crackers, marshmallows, Oreos, pecans, pie crumble,  pretzel sticks, raspberry sauce, strawberry sauce and walnuts.

Cinnaholic, a national company which is franchised locally, has  risen to fame since owners Shannon and Florian Radke pitched their brand on the ABC hit show “Shark Tank” a little over two years ago.

Since then, the business that entices the customer to create his or her own custom cinnamon roll, has opened 12 locations in the US, with 50 more franchises committed in various cities.

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