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Christmas Mitzvah Project seeks 350 volunteers

For more than 25 years, the Christmas Mitzvah Project has sent Jewish volunteers to hospitals throughout Denver to assist staff, patients and residents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Volunteers allow non-medical personnel to celebrate the holiday and spend time with family, making assistance from the Jewish community especially appreciated.

In the past, the program has been organized by groups such as the Synagogue Council of Greater Denver and B’nai B’rith.

Beginning this year, the Christmas Mitzvah Project is being coordinated by a group of volunteers from Zim Consulting, with a goal to engage 350 volunteers.

Based on needs from participating medical facilities, volunteers will receive the opportunity to sign up for their desired job, date and time commitment. Typical duties include staffing the gift shop, answering the phone lines, directing visitors, assisting with craft activities, distributing reading materials or visiting with patients or residents.

This year, the program expanded to include assisted living and other senior homes.

“Our efforts this year have been to build systems so that this program can continue to grow in the future,” explains Marty Zimmerman, Zim Consulting president.

“We are instituting new ways to engage the community and recruit volunteers, all while keeping the traditions and rewarding the efforts of the dedicated volunteers who have kept this program running for so long.”

To participate, volunteers are required to have this year’s flu shot and be older than 16.

Some facilities require an orientation session prior to service.

Information: or Courtney Jacobson, 303-226-5478.

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