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Dr. Dan and Esther SolleeTwo companies, one founded in Boulder, the other international, are working hard to share the numerous health benefits of chocolate.

MXI Healthy Chocolate is a Canadian company with distributors around the world — the first in Colorado being Dr. Dan Sollee and his wife Esther.

Boulder-based Cholaca was founded in 2012 by Ira Leibtag to create and sell what he calls “the most incredible chocolate beverage on earth.”

The Sollees operate out of their home in Colorado Springs, using the phone and Internet to reach clients far and wide, and traveling all over Colorado to food- and health-related fairs and tradeshows espousing the benefits of not only eating cacao, but smearing it on your skin as well.

More specifically, the line of products the Sollees represent includes cacao-based anti-aging and skin care products, as well as protein shakes, energy drinks and chocolate bars that include acai berries, blueberries, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics.

The solid chocolate selection is all kosher too (certificate # 4U77D36668 from the Kosher Check of Canada, not cholov Yisroel).

They discovered and began distributing Healthy Chocolate in October, 2006, at which time Dr. Sollee had a thriving chiropractic practice.

Esther Sollee was a massage therapist and a hair stylist. She owned and operated a state-approved massage school, at which Dr. Sollee taught anatomy and physiology and she taught massage techniques.

Both their backgrounds include extensive education in nutrition and healthy lifestyles; the more they learned about MXI Healthy Chocolate, the more enthusiastic they became, eventually closing down all their other businesses to focus on chocolate in 2007.

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