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Good ol’ Chas – still causing problems

Not only is Chas Freeman, potential Obama appointee as chair of the National Intelligence Council, sparking controversy nationwide, but his case is also causing debate on IJN pages.

For those unfamiliar with Freeman, he withdraw from consideration for the post, stating “slanderous attacks”.

What were these “slanderous attacks”? Mostly it boiled to down to raging against the Jewish lobby/Zionist machine, due to Freeman’s anti-Israel pro-Muslim stances.


We’ll take our cue from the opening line of the IJN editorial in question: “You be the judge.”

One example will do. Apprantly Freeman has been quoted saying that the current Saudi king wants to reform his country and peace with Israel. It’s enough to make a sane person laugh. This is the same king who oversees a regime that lashes and imprisons a young teenager girl for being gang-raped (yes, you read that right, she was the victim) while going for regular shopping jaunts on Lake Geneva. Why is Freeman so busy defending these people?

And whether it was the Jewish lobby’s pressure that rid Freeman of his ambitions, it sure didn’t hurt when people such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unearthed briefs where Freeman stated that the Chinese Communist Party did not crush the student movement at Tianenman Square quickly and brutally enough.

Are all these alleged sentiments and accusations true? Have they been misconstrued and manipulated?

Does it matter?

Ultimately, the IJN editorial made the sound argument – as many have – that Freeman is more an opinion that objective man.

He wasn’t the right person for the job.

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