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Chametz party

We all know the adage: “They tried to kill us. We survived. Let’s eat.” It’s at the very core of almost every Jewish celebration. And even in the absence of food, such as a fast, we focus much of our energy on organizing the break-fast meal, usually bagels, lox, cream cheese.

Today we’re asking Rocky Mountain Jew readers how they “broke” Pesach. What was your first chametz item? How long had you been planning the treat?

As for me, I’d started planning the meal even before Pesach started! Walking home from kosher-for-Passover shopping I passed a creperie, and thought to myself, “Mmmm…flour, water, eggs, leavened in front of my eyes, bubbling in a frying pan, doused with cinnamon and sugar…” My mistake: on the eighth day of Pesach I experimented with a sweet matzah brei recipe, and so, just hours later, a very similar concoction, simply with flour substituted for matzah, wasn’t all that exciting anymore.

Instead I went for a thin crust Margherita pizza. Classic.

Here in Zurich, perhaps in homage to the local culture, the Havdalah ceremony concluding Pesach was recited over a glass of beer!

And in New York, people turned to the classic – bagels.

So what’s your go-to chametz item? Or are you a nostalgic type, finding it difficult to store the matzah away in the cupboard?

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3 thoughts on “Chametz party

  1. Avi Schwartz

    Believe it or not, I am the sentimental type and hold out a bit until I have chametz. Usually it’s a midnight party of classic pizza or bagels (like the rest of you guys)after the long hours of cleaning up and “switching over”. Funny thing is, this year, I , like Michael above, did not turn chametz until Friday night with our fresh baked home made challah. YUM!


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