Friday, June 2, 2023 -
Print Edition

Cell phones ring supreme at the DNC

For four days in August, Denver looked a lot like Israel. There were so many cell phones on 16th Street Mall that it could have passed for Ben Yehuda — except for the sausage stands and traffic-halting demonstrations. Cell phones jingled and jangled everywhere. They also were used to take pictures. The apparatuses — slim, wide, silver, black — blossomed like mechanical appendages throughout the Democratic National Convention. The past week has convinced the minority of Americans who don’t own cell phones to consider taking the leap.

Israelis purchased cell phones in case of a terrorist attack. In the US, sales rose dramatically after Sept. 11. Today, Americans feel safe — for the moment.

We rely on cell phones to chat. Check in. Structure time. Waste time. Oh dear. Our cell is ringing. We’ll have to get back to you . . .

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