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Casualties, and casualty figures

The death of any innocent is infinite. Hamas’ use of casualty figures is a weapon of war.

We start with the savagery of the Arabs of Hamas on Oct. 7, and with their continued attempts to kill Israeli innocents via indiscriminate rocket fire into Israel. 

G-d forbid that we stop there. The death of any innocent, Jew and Arab, diminishes the very humanity whose very name Israel is now struggling to uphold. The struggle for safety against savagery is not only moral but heroic; even so, the losses of all good people strike deep pain. Some casualties in Gaza are innocents, largely the result of Hamas’ use of human shields. If anything, this only deepens the pain.

It is compounded still more by the cynicism of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza. A Hamas entity, it releases figures of casualties in this war. Questions:

• Who does it define as a “child” casualty? A teenager? For Hamas, young teens may be armed fighters.

• How many of the dead are Hamas terrorists? Why is there no report from the Health Ministry of the deaths of Hamas fighters? Why is it that, supposedly, only civilian deaths occur?

• How many civilian casualties are disguised Hamas fighters?

• How many Palestinians died from errant Palestinian rockets — like the one that hit a parking lot outside al-Ahali hospital, supposedly bombed by Israel on Oct. 17?

• How are there 30,000 Palestinian wounded if all medical facilities in Gaza hold only 3,000 people? Where are all they? In Qatari, UAE and Turkish field hospitals in Egypt? Where are the alleged 13,000 Palestinian dead? Where were they buried?

• How many Gazans were killed by Hamas operatives as Gazans tried to flee northern Gaza?

We don’t have the specific answers to these questions, but they do illuminate the Health Ministry’s cynical use of vague casualty figures as a weapon of war.

“You will lower them into the well of destruction, men of bloodshed and deceit shall not live out half their days . . . ”  Psalms 55:24

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