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Burton Kaplan

Burton Kaplan

Burton Kaplan

Burton Kaplan, a loving husband, father and grandfather, passed away Nov. 30, 2018. He was 84. Rabbi Yaakov Meyer officiated at the Dec. 2 service at EDOS, at which Rabbis Hillel Goldberg and Aver Jacobs also delivered eulogies. Interment followed at Rose Hill Cemetery. Feldman Mortuary made the arrangements.

“He took pride in the accomplishments of his children and grandchildren, whom he visited as frequently as possible and hosted for family visits every Pesach, his favorite holiday,” his loved ones said.

Every year, he brought a stack of index cards to the Passover seder to quiz the children and see what they had learned and prepared.

At the service, his son Elijah mentioned that his father loved to tell funny stories and would also shed tears of laughter while telling them, which made all the listeners laugh along with him.

Other eulogists remembered Mr. Kaplan’s genial smile, his warm greetings, and how each person he spoke to had the impression that he cared only about them.

Mr. Kaplan married Sharon Kaplan on Oct. 12, 1969.

He moved with his family and elderly mother to Denver from his native Chicago in 1976. A devoted son, he took care of his mother until her passing in 1977.

Prior to his marriage, Mr. Kaplan arranged his work schedule so he could travel to cities where his beloved Chicago White Sox were playing. After the games, he visited the players in their favorite bars.

He parlayed this networking into doing personal tax work for many players on the team. Upon moving to Denver, he adopted the Broncos, Nuggets and Rockies as his own.

Mr. Kaplan served on the boards of Hillel Academy, BMH-BJ, EDOS and the Mikvah of East Denver. The Kaplans were one of the founding families of Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy (now Denver JDS), and both he and Sharon were on the board for several years.

Mr. Kaplan is survived by his wife Sharon Kaplan of Denver; children Judah (Carolyn) Kaplan of Teaneck, NJ; Kayla (Marc) Warren of Houston, Texas; Leora (Chaim) Grinspan of Passaic, NJ; and Elijah (Yoni) Kaplan of Teaneck; and 14 grandchildren.

Contributions may be made to EDOS, Aish Denver, Kehilas Bais Yisroel or the DAT Minyan.

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