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Boulder Arts & Crafts celebrates 40th

L-r: Boulder artists Raffaele Malferrari and Thea Tenenbaum decorate pots in their studio.THE year was 1971. In Boulder, the hand-made, down-to-earth, flower-power sensibilities of the late 1960s were lingering as pop culture began evolving into the disco-driven conspicuousness of the 1970s.

In the fall of that year, a group of hungry artists joined forces for self-survival and wound up preserving that piece of pop cultural history which has remained part of the identity and fabric of Boulder to this day.

The Boulder Art & Crafts Cooperative is celebrating its 40th anniversary as an iconic Boulder business which has successfully sustained its late’60s-early ‘70s business model into the new millennium.

Potter Thea Tenenbaum, one of the original artists in the coop, retells its beginnings:

“Once upon a time, there were 75 artists who were having a difficult time finding an outlet to sell their creations, a place where they would have control and power without being at the whim of a third party.

“These were the days when people power was everywhere, when everything seemed possible, and a handful of enthusiasm and desire were all that was needed to change the world.”

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