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Boulder alleviates homelessness at ‘1175’

The exterior of 1175BOULDER HOUSING Partners (BHP) opened an apartment building at 1175 Lee Hill Road on Nov. 3 to reduce homelessness.

BHP is the housing authority for Boulder since 1966. It builds, owns and manages 33% of the total inventory of affordable housing in Boulder as part of Boulder County’’s 10-year plan to end homelessness.

The new building on Lee Hill Rd. is 31 units, designed to supply permanent supportive housing to some of Boulder’’s chronically homeless population.

The plan to end homelessness also calls for services.

The “Housing First” concept grows out of the idea that prevention and intervention are less expensive than rescue.

All the stakeholders, government (federal, state and local), non-profits, businesses, faith-based organizations and citizens came together to bring to fruition the long-term plan: the opening of this location, effectively doubling the space allocated to housing the homeless in Boulder.

1175 (as it is affectionately called) began in 2010 when the site, at the corner of Broadway Street and Lee Hill Road in North Boulder, was purchased from Boulder Community Hospital for $825,000.

In 2011, outreach to the community regarding the concept began, but the entire project was put on hold due to intense opposition.

However, in 2012, the City Council endorsed the project and design and financing began.

Construction started just after the September, 2013, floods, which passed over the property without causing any damage.

The 1.02 acre site houses a 22,272 sq. ft. building of 31 500 sq. ft. one bedroom/one bathroom units, as well as a community room, rooftop patio, outdoor patio, covered breezeway, fenced dog run, laundry facilities, 15 parking spaces and covered storage for 26 bicycles.

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