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As bodies shrivel, the UN turns to its heroin

It’s not just what the heroin addict is doing. It’s the valuable things his addiction prevents him from doing.

It’s not just what the UN’s addiction to Israel hatred is doing. It’s the valuable things this addiction on the Hudson prevents the UN from doing.

In 2016, the UN General Assembly’s hate-Israel addiction let loose with 20 resolutions against Israel (compared to four against all other UN members). Here is what the UN addiction prevented it from doing: ending the famine in South Sudan.

While the UN Security Council and the General Assembly were obsessing over Israel’s policies regarding the Palestinians — none of whom starve because of Israeli policy — South Sudan is described as “severely food insecure.” Worse: This isn’t due to drought, locusts, tornados and other forces of nature. This is due to people. Follow the chain of causation and the key role of the UN:

South Sudan is the world’s newest country, itself a consequence of a genocidal civil war.

South Sudan itself is now riven by civil war.

Humanitarians ready to deliver food cannot do so without getting caught in the crossfire. Same for farmers trying to produce food. The result: starvation.

A ready solution, not implemented by the UN Security Council: an arms embargo.

It’s not military intervention. It’s not arming one side or the other. It’s not “boots on the ground.” It’s not no-fly zones. It’s just an arms embargo — stopping the conditions that prevent the food from getting to the people.

It’s not money. There is money for the humanitarian food supplies. It’s politics. It’s indifference. Both enable the South Sudanese warring factions; both lead directly to “severe food insecurity.”

To the UN it’s just not important to save millions of lives in Africa — potentially as many as 5.5 million lives. To the UN it is important to denounce Israel ad nauseum for imaginary crimes.

This is the inevitable side effect of an addiction — the UN’s hate-Israel addiction, which has prevented its supposed action center, the Security Council, from acting where its action is needed. To twist a metaphor, if the founders of the UN knew what had become of their beautiful vision for world peace, they would turn over in their graves.

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