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Barocas puts lacrosse on map in Denver, Israel

Jon Barocas and his son BenDID you know that lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America? Rooted in Native American religion, lacrosse was often played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick and developed strong, virile men.

Lacrosse is still referred to as “the Creator’s game.”

The first women’s lacrosse game was played in 1890 at the St. Leonard’s School in Scotland. It was not until 1926 that Rosabelle Sinclair established the first women’s lacrosse team in the US at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore.

Fast forward to a May 6, 2013, announcement stemming from Tel Aviv:

The Israel Lacrosse Association is proud to announce the inaugural Invitational Tournament, Aug. 14-18, 2013, at the Oldfields School near Baltimore. The tournament which is open to Jewish American high school students

(including graduating seniors) will feature 10 teams of athletes who will represent their state in a competitive four-day tournament.

Teams from 10 states have confirmed participation: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

THIS is where the legendary coach Jon Barocas of Denver comes into the picture.?   Team Karmiel, representing Denver’s sister city in Northern Israel, will be coached by Israel Assistant Coach Barocas, who recently served as the director of college scouting for the Denver Outlaws.

Barocas is a member of the Colorado Lacrosse Hall of Fame in recognition of his legendary leadership as head coach at Denver East High School. For more than 33 years, Barocas has devoted his time, effort and energy into creating a massive lacrosse program at East. Head coach at East, 1979-2011, Barocas had an outstanding 348-101 record, including nine state championships. Thirty-one high school All-Americans came from Coach Barocas’ teams. Others, like Christian Cook, went on to star for Team USA and in major league lacrosse.

Barocas served as assistant coach and director of college scouting for the Denver Outlaws professional lacrosse club, and in 2012, was named assistant coach of the Israel National Men’s Lacrosse team which competed in the European National Championships, and will compete in the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship, to be held in Denver at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

He was appointed director of team operations for the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship.

Jon Barocas has not allowed his lacrosse endeavors to interfere with the running of his business: He is founder and CEO of bie Media, in which he utilizes his vast technology, broadcast and film experience. He was a pioneer in the industry, and bie Media now has offices in New York, Paris, Madrid, Edinburgh and London, in addition to Denver.

In the civic community, Barocas has served on the boards of Colorado’s Ocean Journey, Colorado Art Institute and Graland Country Day School.

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