Saturday, May 25, 2024 -
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Bail denied

The feds have finally wised up.

Bail has been denied to former Agriprocessors plant manager Sholom Rubashkin. The ruling has brought about a temporary solidarity between disparate groups such as the ADL and Agudath Israel.

Rocky Mountain Jew will not be joining this round of Jewish back-patting.

We might get some flak for this, but sometimes it’s just not smart to set bail for Orthodox Jews under indictment.

Too many have disappeared, only to resurface a few weeks later in the Holy Land.

Case in point, Denver’s own Arnie Zaler. And as discussed in a previous Rocky Mountain Jew post, extradition looks unlikely.

Avrohom Mandrowitz is another example. The alleged child molester has been living in Israel since 1985, when charges were first filed against him.

The sad fact is that the right of return has been manipulated for illegal purposes.

Anti-Semitic? Double standard?

No, just plain old common sense.

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