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Yisroel & Shloime Engel

A fleishig menorah?

Dear Tzviling, I have a question for you. Why do we play dreidel on Chanukah. It’s a fun game, but does it have any siginificance? Mindy (by e-mail)

Seeing the world

Dear Tzviling, I really enjoy your column. I look forward to meeting you at this year’s GA. Perhaps you can help me with the following dilemma. I am not as […]

Advice on twins from the twins

Dear Tzviling, My husband, Jack, and I are soooo excited. I just came back from my obstetrician’s office, and guess what? It’s going to be twin boys. Can you believe...

Open the Ark . . . in the ninth month

Dear Tzviling, I enjoy reading your column, and now I have a timely question for you. My wife is expecting in a few weeks (our first) and we’re all so […]

As good as Shakespeare

Dear Tzviling, I am looking to get married and would like to meet a nice Jewish boy. Somebody at work made a fine recommendation. My friends are advising me to

Not four questions, only one

Dear Tzviling, I don’t get it. I open up the news, and what do I read? Everyone is at war with everyone else. People are fighting. What does this mean? […]

Don’t take this sitting down

Dear Tzviling, I went to a synagogue for the first time last Shabbat and I could not figure these people out. They couldn’t make up their minds if they wanted

Leap . . . leap

Dear Tzviling, I recently attended a class on the significance of Purim. I heard a fascinating thing. Namely, that the Jews knew ahead of time that the Haman would die...

72-hour fast

Dear Tzviling, We have recently been invited to an Orthodox Jewish wedding to take place in March. We are not Jewish and have never attended a Jewish event. It is...

Why eight days?

Dear Tzviling, I read your column every week, and now I have a question for you regarding Chanukah. I learned how the Jews found a one day supply of oil […]