Friday, June 5, 2020 -
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Tom Tugend, JTA
Tom Tugend, JTA

Despite predictions of their demise, Holocaust films keep coming

LOS ANGELES — At least once a year over the last quarter century, a respected critic will prove conclusively that films about the Holocaust and the Nazi era have...

‘Iran is great for Jews’

LOS ANGELES — There was no clean knockout when New York Times columnist Roger Cohen faced off against some 400 Iranian Jews and Bahais in Los Angeles, but spectators...

The year Israel was finally going to win Academy Award

LOS ANGELES — This was the year Israel was finally going to win an Oscar for best foreign language film after being nominated seven previous times. After all, Ari...

Bridging the Muslim-Jewish divide: 50 synagogues, 50 mosques, twin

LOS ANGELES — There was nothing unusual about some 20 devout Muslims from the King Fahad Mosque bowing and prostrating themselves as they recited the Isha, or night...


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