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The rabbi replies: Samuel Spector

The Rabbi Replies speaks with Rabbi Samuel Spector of Kol Ami in Salt Lake City. “We are in America’s Zion, and this is a place where religion is very important.”...

Anti-Semitic flyers dropped in Cheyenne

The messages from an anti-Semitic hate group distributed in Denver in December, 2021 and in Parker in February, 2021, have spread north to Wyoming.

The Littons are sukkah builders extraordinaire

On the day after Yom Kippur, Steven Litton is racing from Long Island, NY, to Manhattan. While much of Steven’s work has been in motion long before Yom Kippur, the...

The rabbi replies: Mendel Popack

The Rabbi Replies speaks with Rabbi Mendel Popack of Chabad Denver North. “It’s incredibly empowering to hear the children running around and under the guidance of...

Craig Halper: lifelong learner

Tuesday, August 16, marked the first day of school at Denver Jewish Day School. It also marked the first day of Craig Halper’s 35th year at the school.

The rabbi replies: Salomon Gruenwald

The Rabbi Replies speaks with Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald of Hebrew Educational Alliance (HEA). “There is a strong human element and a strong faith element, which plays...

Butte, Montana: Save our shul

At the corner of Galena St. and Washington St. in downtown Butte, Montana, sits a three-story structure, one of the most historic places in the state.

The rabbi replies: Jeffrey Kaye

The Rabbi Replies speaks with Rabbi Jeffery Kaye of Cong. Beth Shalom and the chaplain at Rose Medical Center. “There is a strong human element and a strong faith...

Munich: 50 Years Later

IJN Special Report: Munich — 50 Years Later. What the Israeli families and teammates say now. Last Monday, Sept. 5, family members of the 11 Israeli athletes and...

The rabbi replies: Benjy Brackman

The Rabbi Replies speaks with Rabbi Benjy Brackman of Chabad of NW Metro Denver. “There was no synagogue, or very few synagogues reaching out to this population, with...