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Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel21c

Seven sets of twins in a 24-hour period — oh my!

Even at Shaarei Zedek, the arrival of seven pairs of twins — that’s 14 babies, all doing well — in a single 24-hour period between July 12 and 13 was a noteworthy...

Parents’ values reshaping the toy industry

If you’re toy-shopping, Tel Aviv-based toy designer Shlomi Eiger advises this season’s hits are STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) toys as well as kinetic...

Best hikes in Israel’s north

Israeli summers are hot all over. So, if you’re planning on hiking, a shady forest or a wild river stream might be your most comfortable options.

Deep-sea wonderland near Tel Aviv

Sunlight does not reach the Palmahim Slide, a rare geological formation deep in the Mediterranean Sea about 30 kilometers (19 miles) off the coast of Tel Aviv.

One shot treatment for HIV could be on its way

Engineering a patient’s blood cells to secrete anti-HIV antibodies could form the basis of a groundbreaking vaccine or one-shot treatment for the HIV virus that causes...

A (bent) spoonful of fun

Two thousand twisted pieces of cutlery adorn a 1976 Cadillac parked in the new Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa. A Guinness World Record-winning bent spoon, weighing 11 tons,...

10 great reasons to love pomegranates

Coaxing the edible seeds out of a pomegranate is a popular how-to topic. Some swear by the whack-with-a-wooden-spoon method; others massage out those ruby-red arils in a...

Reinventing an American classic in Israel

Israeli kids love peanutty Bamba puffs, but are more likely to have chocolate spread than peanut butter on their sandwiches. Because peanut butter is such an American...

Israeli flag on Everest

Oxygen balloon and chutzpah Israeli flag on Everest  Danielle Wolfson’s oxygen tank was almost empty as she neared the peak of Mt. Everest on May 23. At such a high...

Israeli woman summits Everest

A 43-year-old woman raised the Israeli flag at the summit of Mount Everest on May 23. Danielle Wolfson, 43, is the first female Israeli to reach the top of the