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Amy Lederman

IJN Columnist | Reflections


She opened her copy of The New York Times and I watched as her face turned pale. On the front page of the Metro section was a full-page picture captioned, […]

Emotional fallout

Since March of this year, we have been forced to reassess and restructure how we think about and interact with the world. From empty calendars and stockpiled closets to...

Up close and personal no more

I have always been a “touchy-feely” kind of gal. And while I never gave it much thought before, I realize now that I am a chronic hugger, arm-linker and...

Navigating Covid uncertainty

We are all equal in the eyes of the coronavirus. Each of us is now living in an altered universe where many of the assumptions and expectations upon which our […]

Celebrating Passover in a coronavirus world

Passover is the holiday when Jews come together for seder with families, friends and community to retell the core Jewish narrative which goes like this: We were slaves...


The job description might read something like this: “Looking for someone 24/7 with the patience of a saint, the wisdom of the Dali Lama, the goodness of Mother Teresa...

Like a moth to the flame

It began as a typical Christmas Eve. To borrow from Elana Kagan: “Like most Jews, I was at a Chinese restaurant.” This year Christmas Eve fell on the third night...

It’s human to want to give

CHANUKAH 5780 SECTION E PAGE 23 Arizona. California. Israel. Peru. Boston. No matter what state, country, time zone or zip code, I make it my business to call my mother...

Israel…it’s complicated

I recently returned from a fantastic trip to Israel — an interfaith delegation sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona. Our group consisted of 28...

Unveiling reveals more than a headstone

We gathered together in the warm September sun at my father’s gravesite, just 10 days shy of a year since he died. It was the coming together of the family […]