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Larry Hankin
Larry Hankin

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The message posted at Chabad of Southern Colorado.

Colorado Springs Chabad hit by anti-Semitic message

The Chabad Jewish Community Center in Colorado Springs was hit with an act of vandalism that Colorado Springs police are calling a hate crime. Congregants arriving for a...

Melanie and Craig Eisen in the kitchen of the home they built and designed. (Aleksei Kolesnikov)

In Eisen home, personal touch in every room

Eisen loves to entertain her large extended family on the holidays. It’s not unusual for 20 to 30 guests to gather around the Eisen table for Rosh Hashanah or...

Students at Tmura Haredi College of Engineering

Tmura Haredi College of Engineering offers haredi women an escape from poverty

PASSOVER EDITION 5777 SECTION B PAGE 10 is a 19-year-old haredi native of Jerusalem. She graduated from an Orthodox high school for girls which emphasized religious...

Cinnaholic's tempting treats.

Cinnaholic: Sweet kosher addition

Cinnaholic, a cinnamon roll store in Cherry Creek Shopping Center, is now certified kosher by Scroll K. According to the letter of kosher certification issued by Scroll...

Robert E. 'Bob' Loup

Robert E. Loup dies

tough talking fundraiser whose soft side repeatedly revealed a heart of gold. A self-made man from humble beginnings who ascended to arguably the highest Jewish lay...

Koby is surrounded by members of the Glendale Raptors Rugby Club. (Justin Purdy)

Glendale Raptors sign rookie Koby Gruenwald

CHANUKAH EDITION SECTION E PAGE 4 Glendale Raptors Rugby Club welcomed its newest team member on Dec. 13. This new Raptor brings to the team a love of sports, boundless...

The poster of 'The Charnel House,' whose screenplay was written by Mani Isler, right.

Isler’s dream of filmmaking comes true

 credits at the end of the movie say “Emanuel Isler,” but around Denver he’s known simply as Mani, the guy who grew up on the West Side and whose long-held dream...

The book cover of Apollonia features an artist's rendering of the photo, left, that Leppek discovered.

Leppek’s Apollonia traverses time

FROM THE IJN GIFT GUIDE Leppek, IJN assistant editor, has always been a storyteller. His first byline came at age eight for an article about a cardinal in the Fairview...

Marty and Shira Zimmerman

VIP New Faces: Marty and Shira Zimmerman

and Shira Zimmerman started their careers immersed in the world of Jewish communal service. They worked hard for Jewish federations and rose through the ranks, all the...

Yaron Marcus

VIP New Faces: Yaron Marcus

Marcus, 39, grew up in a real estate family but he never intended to make that his career, until seven years ago when he decided to give it a shot. He didn’t just give...