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Hillel Goldberg

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Steve Farber was ‘on the list’

On the List is a memoir of a kidney transplant and an analysis of the technological and policy issues in organ transplantation. The story is about Steve Farber and...

Needed: Calmer, more rational political discourse

OUR politics have become extreme.?  The language we use about our opponents is disrespectful. “The left-wing nut jobs” who want “to destroy the country,” and “the...

The president, the judge and the Torah student

A PRESIDENT of the US, we should reasonably assume, has a lot of friends. It should also be assumed that they receive no better or worse treatment from the government...

Is your prayer better than mine?

THE shoe imprint in the rug below.? One’s synagogue has a rug. One’s praying of the Amidah (Silent Prayer) has been deeply focused. As one backs away three steps upon...

Sen. Jim Demint offers blunt words on Iran

I HAVE yet to hear an American lawmaker who “gets it” on Iran more than Sen. Jim Demint of South Carolina. He was in Colorado for 28 hours earlier in […]

Why I don’t need to go to Rome

I CAN dream. In theory, someday I’ll visit the Arch of Titus in Rome to see a depiction of Roman soldiers carrying looted artifacts from the Jerusalem Temple; I’ll...

Insiders’ debate: Is Obama good or bad for Israel?

CHICAGO — A debate on Israel at the annual meeting of the American Jewish Press Association featured a very informed and influential face-off. On one side was Alan...

Goldberg’s guide to good packing (a summer spur)

I don’t know. It seems I’m always packing or unpacking, either my suitcase or one of my kid’s. We’ve got a big family and no one lives in Denver anymore […]

Wandering in Germany, settled in Netanya

Wandering around the small towns of Germany. Is this a job for a nice Jewish boy? I don’t know, but it’s definitely an honor for a grown Jewish man. If […]

The tuition crisis is about a lot more than dollars

WHY is the day school movement not growing? Perhaps a particular school — or city — is an exception to the  trend, but the so-called tuition crisis is taking its...