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ON this one, color me unobjective. I love this book, Staff, but maybe that’s because I love the author. And the idea. By the idea, I don’t mean the idea […]

How to talk to a neo-Nazi

A chance meeting with a neo-Nazi. An opportunity to impact a person's soul.

Why I will never give a penny to NPR

IF you think I am upset with National Public Radio because of the way it covers Israel, you are wrong. Because the way it covers Israel, it covers the rest […]

From generation to generation

WHAT does a great-grandparent know of his great-grandchild born the day after he dies? What does a child, told that his looks or mannerisms resemble the grandparent he...

Night workers

In Jerusalem, their eyes, their bodies, their lives tell you nothing. Some are bound up with the military or political establishment, while others are disengaged from...

Faster or slower?

HE is forgotten. And why not? He died in the 1700s. He left no wife or children. He left no property. Wrote no book. Painted no painting.

Werner and Lucie waited seven years

DR. Werner Prenzlau was a respected physician and mohel in Denver. Quite formal. Quite charming. Quite distinguished. He died in 2001. His wife Lucie, nee Spitzer, is a...

Perfect timing

RABBI Isaac Bruk sees blessing and curse in timing. Esau was sent on a hunt by his father Isaac. Esau thought the provisions he would bring back would guarantee his...

Unexpected results

JACOB Tessler, who lived in Jerusalem, had a large family — 10 children. However, he lived in a very small apartment of two bedrooms, one for him and his wife

How not to get fat over the holidays

THEY say that half the children’s books are written for adults. When people say that kids will love this book, they (the adults) mean that they love it. Understanding...