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Deborah Fineblum, JNS

They can’t keep Shabbat in Gaza, so we’ll do it

Through Shabbat 4 Soldier, Toronto households are keeping Shabbat — most for the first time — for soldiers who are fighting in Gaza.

The ultimate field trip

Journeying back to where it all started — the ground of the Exodus from Egypt.The ultimate field trip

Double your joy: Five fascinating facts about the Jewish leap year

ROSH HASHANAH EDITION 5782 SECTION D PAGE 4 Buckle your seatbelts. With the arrival of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish world is being thrown headlong into the leap year of...

Worldwide aid for shmita-observant farms

ROSH HASHANAH EDITION 5782 SECTION B PAGE 2 “L-rd our G-d, bless this year’s crop for the best, in all of its types. Bless the face of the land, satiate […]

Where to live? A hot commodity in Israel

Scott Gross is a man with a mission. He’s scouring the country for the perfect place for his parents to enjoy their retirement. “It’s one-half investment and...

Post-COVID, Israel welcomes back Birthright

They’re baaaaack! If you’re in Israel this month, you can’t miss the clusters of them downing falafel on Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda Street, cooling off in the Dead...

8 days of Passover, 8 COVID lessons

PASSOVER EDITION 5781 SECTION A PAGE 20 When the Haggadah tells us: “You have redeemed us from Egypt. You have freed us from the house of bondage. You have fed...

Chanukah is coming just when we need it most

CHANUKAH 5781 SECTION E, PAGE 11 Just saying the word “Chanukah” brings smiles. As does conjuring up the sight of candles ablaze and the sounds of boisterously...

Masked mitzvot — welcoming new life during COVID-19

“In this time of great darkness, the souls who come down now must be sources of great light.” — Rabbi Doniel Katz, whose youngest child was born this spring There...

‘Healing the souls’ of neglected Israeli children

Many a third-grade memory features vacations with family, swimming with friends or getting a new puppy. But Chofit remembers another sort of life. One marked by extreme...