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Evan Grant
Evan Grant

Jerry Rotenberg, fifth from left, poses with the 2015 DJDS varsity soccer team prior to a game.

DJDS’ Rotenberg loves teaching

The life of a teacher can be tough for anyone. A teacher must have patience and discipline especially around middle school and high school students, who can sometimes be...

Evelyn Shafner

Evelyn Shafner publishes novel in her 80s

Letter writing has become a lost art, even for many senior citizens. However, for Denver native Evelyn “Pasty” Shafner this was not the case. Raised on the West Side...

Kaely Michels-Gualtieri

Trapeze artist Kaely Michels-Gualtieri is flying high

For many people, it would be hard to set aside one’s life and choose a life of travel and adrenaline that the circus has to offer. For an 18-year-old girl from...

Giora and Dr. Anita Shkedi pose with a horse used in therapy for PTSD patients at a horse farm in Castle Rock.

Israeli couple helps PTSD patients through horses

As many soldiers return home from war they face an increasingly diagnosed brain trauma,  post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. PTSD can cause many war veterans...