Friday, May 29, 2020 -
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Jonathan Benedek, TPS
Jonathan Benedek, TPS

A natural gas fueled power station supplying electrical power to the Tel Aviv District in central Israel. (Kobi Richter/TPS)

Israel will sell $10 billion of natural gas to Jordan

Israel became Jordan’s largest gas supplier when the country’s Leviathan gas consortium signed a $10 billion deal on Sept. 26 with the Hashemite Kingdom, providing...

Last shul in Aleppo

Mordechai “’Moti’” Kahana, president of the Amaliah humanitarian organization, is conducting an emergency campaign to save the last remnants of the Jewish...

Attacks have Jerusalemites learning self-defense

The current wave of terrorist stabbing attacks has left many Israelis living in Jerusalem and the rest of the country on edge. In light of the current security...


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