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Andrea Jacobs
Andrea Jacobs

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The swastika painted on the Wolfs' garage door in Aurora, Colorado.

Swastika painted on Aurora home

and Sandy Wolf, who have lived in their Aurora home for almost 42 years, heard a knock on their door at 5:45 a.m. Friday, June 2. It was the police. After reassuring the...

Rabbi Yisroel Engel, left, and Rabbi Richard Rheins

Shiva: What it means, how to act

, the Hebrew word for seven, connotes the seven days Jews traditionally mourn for and honor a loved one who has died. The Biblical source of the ritual originated in...

This Mishebeirach artwork, painted by Simmi Brodie, is the cover for Franciska Kay's album of the same name.

Should we pray for healing?

friend leans over to you at services and whispers that a congregant is terminally ill. Regardless of your connection — close, remote, conflicted — shock levels the...

L-r: Dennis Gallagher, Rabbi Steven Foster, Cantor Isaac Koll

Where we were, what we felt, in 1967: Five Denverites reflect

The IJN solicited verbal postcards from Denverites who lived through the Six Day War, June 5-10, 1967.  Crisp, animated memories range from white-knuckle fear that the...

Ramat HaNegev Mayor Eran Doron (Alexsei Kolesnikov)

Ramat HaNegev Mayor Eran Doron

Doron, the new mayor of Ramat HaNegev, JEWISHcolorado’s partnership community in Israel, notices a photographer in the background and tugs uncomfortably at his shirt....

Diana Zeff Anderson

The Colorado Israeli heading JEWISHcolorado

Zeff Anderson, JEWISHcolorado board chair since July, 2016, speaks fluent Hebrew with an American accent and unaccented American English — an unusual trait she...

Temple Sinai celebrates 50 years

1966, as the Vietnam War raged and the disturbing question “Is G-d Dead?” appeared on the cover of Time, a young rabbi faced a choice that would ultimately redefine...

Rabbi Michael Sunshine (Aleksei Kolsenikov)

‘Jewish identity’ 101

Michael Sunshine, director of Jewish Student Connection high school clubs at 11 Denver-area schools, believes Jewish teens comprise the most amazing, insightful and...

Bob Loup, far left, with pals on the old West Side neighborhood of Denver. (IJN Archives)

Bob Loup: The human side

Loup, who was married to Bob Loup for 30 years, is still overwhelmed by the boundless love she felt at the funeral  at the HEA on Sunday, March 19, just one day...

Clockwise, from upper left: Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Imam ShemsAbdeen Ben-Masaud, Pastor Del Phillips

Anti-Semitism: Denver non-Jewish spiritual leaders speak out

first wave of bomb threats hitting Jewish community centers across the US made headlines on Jan. 9, 2017. The next three swelled in quick succession. The fifth wave,...