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Jill Altman
Jill Altman

A history of Colorado Springs Jewry is underway

It’s amazing the things one can find in an attic. Dr. Perry Bach became interested in the history of Jews in Colorado Springs as a result of a query from his cousin in...

When your loved one is deployed

It’s a hard life living when you’re lonely It’s a long night sleeping alone It’s a hard time waiting for tomorrow It’s a long, long way home. —...

Sons of Israel Cemetery, Colorado Springs

Sons of Israel cemetery repairs, renovates, expands

Cemeteries need upkeep. A Jewish cemetery is one of the most important places in the religion, but one of the least talked about. When Lisa Benhammou-Osur began visiting...

Members of a chevra kadisha comfort a dying man. (Jewish Museum of Prague)

Colorado Springs chevra kadisha perform mitzvah of caring the deceased

There comes a time in each person’s life when the way in which he or she is to be buried is of paramount importance. One of the first tasks of a newly founded Jewish...

Ken and Laura Ginsburg with their son Ben at his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Shalom.

‘In sickness and in health…’ A story of devotion

In sickness and in health . . . No one can predict what is fated to occur in a marriage. Ken and Laura Ginsburg were married at a Holiday Inn in Pasadena, Calif, Nov. 2,...

Kobi Chumash

On Friday nights, Hillel at Colorado College is the place to hang out

When a Jewish student leaves town to attend college, some parents may worry about a continuing connection to Judaism. At Colorado College in Colorado Springs, the Hillel...