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Jill Altman
Jill Altman

Sons of Israel Cemetery, Colorado Springs

Sons of Israel cemetery repairs, renovates, expands

Cemeteries need upkeep. A Jewish cemetery is one of the most important places in the religion, but one of the least talked about. When Lisa Benhammou-Osur began visiting...

Members of a chevra kadisha comfort a dying man. (Jewish Museum of Prague)

Colorado Springs chevra kadisha perform mitzvah of caring the deceased

There comes a time in each person’s life when the way in which he or she is to be buried is of paramount importance. One of the first tasks of a newly founded Jewish...

Ken and Laura Ginsburg with their son Ben at his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Shalom.

‘In sickness and in health…’ A story of devotion

In sickness and in health . . . No one can predict what is fated to occur in a marriage. Ken and Laura Ginsburg were married at a Holiday Inn in Pasadena, Calif, Nov. 2,...

Kobi Chumash

On Friday nights, Hillel at Colorado College is the place to hang out

When a Jewish student leaves town to attend college, some parents may worry about a continuing connection to Judaism. At Colorado College in Colorado Springs, the Hillel...