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At Rodef Shalom…Hamantaschen

Sue Millenson and Rob Lederman (Linda Reitz)When Robert Lederman moved to Denver 20 years ago, he brought with him two things that say a great deal about the man: his distinctive Worcester, Massachusetts accent and his family’s old world “Water Street” recipe for hamantaschen.

Lederman is a third-generation baker, having grown up in his family’s bake shop where he learned how to bake, and how to run a bakery.

In 1976, he moved to Florida where he owned a bakery before working for Publix supermarkets in bakery management for 14 years.

In 1991, Denver’s Blue Point Bakery owners Fred Bramhall and Mary Clark were seeking a baker and manager, which they found in Robert Lederman.

Eventually Lederman bought into the north Denver-based wholesale bakery and is now a partner at Blue Point.

Lederman liked to attend Rodef Shalom, where he met and became good friends with Mark Schor, a lifelong, active member.

When Schor tasted Lederman’s hamantaschen, he wanted everyone in Denver to enjoy them, too.

For the past seven or eight years, Lederman has baked his pareve hamantaschen in the Rodef Shalom kitchen under the supervision of Rabbi Bernard Gerson, and they’ve been sold as a fundraiser for the synagogue.

At Blue Point, Lederman is primarily in management, but twice a year, for his friends at Rodef Shalom, he does the baking himself — hamantaschen for Purim and honey cakes for Rosh Hashanah. He has help from Millenson catering and the Rodef Shalom Sisterhood.

Of course, Lederman won’t divulge his family recipe for the hamantaschen, but he describes them as having a “simple sugar dough,” filled with traditional fillings such moen (poppy seed paste) and lekva (prune), as well as “new world fillings,” including apricot and raspberry.

The main ingredient, though, he says is “lots of love.”

The four flavor varieties are available in half-dozen and whole dozen boxes. Pre-ordered hamantaschen may be picked up from the synagogue.

Information: or (303) 399-0035.

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