Friday, July 19, 2019 -
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At 95, IJN still going greener

By Ben Gilliland

At its 95th anniversary, the IJN has become more environmentally friendly than ever before.

All of the paper on which the IJN is printed is 100% recyclable. This newsprint contains recycled post-consumer waste, and all of the recycled paper is processed chlorine free.

The IJN is printed at Signature Offset, which receives its paper fibers from sustainable forests in North America, certified by a third-party chain of custody organizations. The company’s two largest paper suppliers in North America are certified by both the Forest Stewardship Counsel and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The paper waste used to make the IJN is already pre-sorted for recycling.

Signature Offset uses US Ink’s Spectra high-strength line of environmentally conscious inks. Spectra inks are a series of ultra low VOC process inks designed with the needs of the more environmentally safe printer in mind.

The printing plates used to make the IJN are made out of the same aluminum used to make soda cans, making all of the plates 100% recycled.

The IJN, together with the other publications printed by Signature Offset, will help save over 119,000 trees, prevent 14,205,298 pounds of CO2 emissions entering the atmosphere, and recycle the equivalent of 5,739,900 cans.

By using aluminum printing plates from the press, the news papers will save 7,028,850 gallons of gasoline (enough energy to power 2,991 homes for 10 years), and reduce contributions to air pollution by 95%.

In the IJN office, all paper used on laser printers is recycled. Any IJN overruns are recycled, as are all soda cans.

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