Monday, July 16, 2018 -
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Apologies for ’59’

In our editorial last week, “Chasing madness,” on the terrible mass murder in Las Vegas, we referred to 59 dead. We wrote as the details were first becoming confirmed and a lot was still unclear (as, indeed, to this day a lot remains unclear).

Technically, we did not err, as 59 people did die in the attack. However, we deeply regret our reference to the number of victims in the worst mass shooting in American history as 59, for that number included the shooter.

He killed 58 people and then killed himself. These were two totally different things.

The killer does not deserve to be listed among the victims.

There is absolutely no moral equivalence between him and the people he shot.

There was no justification or apology or explaining-away for what he did.

He was not a “victim.”

He was evil.

All this should be obvious.

Though we erred unintentionally amidst a breaking news story, we thought it only respectful to the real victims — and to the truth — to set the record straight.

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